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It should be Cibol instead

I think the happiest blogging moments in my life was when I was still in my wordpress. Don't ask me why because I honestly don not know. My joy with cibolution does not really .. well, you can say that I treat my cibolution like a blog rather than a place to talk to my friends and acquaintances. It is rather boring, I supposed - There is no more of that personal touch, the inner self and all I can see is the bubbly "wannabe" me - Whatever that mean is.

It is something more personal, more me in a way. I can't really help but to think about bubbly ever since I wrote that last reply on the previous post. I want to be back to where I was, maybe not really that but the moments. I know, it is something .. somewhat I can never describe. There was life in that particular wordpress but cibolution? I found it rather fake - full of things that would irritate me right down to my bone. It doesn't sound right.

I wish that the spirit of "A Life Less Ordinary" stays with me.

On another note, little that I realize it has been a year. A year since the very first day I step into this little office of mine. Time flies, that was real fast. I remember, the day I went for interview, it was on my twenty sixth birthday and it was I who decide that I shall be here. I would've said - "No, not here". With HOPE, I made that decision to be where I am now.

Looking back what I've achieved along the way, I think I've learnt a lot. What I learnt here for the past 12 months is much more greater than what I would have learn in my previous office in three years. That is how important this place is to me. I grow and I am what I am now because of this place and I thank God I made that choice.

There are still a lot of bends and corners along the way, we might not know what is there around those bends but perhaps, HE got better plans - Who knows? HE sometimes doesn't make sense, but HE knows what he's doing. I just need to trust HIM on that or else ...

Let's just live and take it a day at a time, with HIM that is ...


I posted this before in my blog:


Believe...and you'll never walk alone! (Never mind that you're not a Liverpool fan! LOL!!!)

There's a vast difference between ignorantly believing and having pure faith. Though both accept things without measurements but one done wisely n the other foolishly. Never questioned God, His plans beyond human interpretations, therefore trust in Him, I meant what you got to lose, right? To question God, that just well lets say "not very smart"

hehe.. i like ur old posts too... frankly, not so 'advertorial'.. i really miss those old blogging days... when ppl used to flood your comment box, u, bong, melbie.. those days when time was slower, when there were more free time to to read blogs, and comment.. so funn!! but look at now... so different..

i remember the day u moved to your wordpress blog. that time i moved too and so fast, it's been a year! i'm not very sure where i am in blogging! ahaa.. =)

but do continue to write because your posts is always nice to read!

suituapui : Yeah, never walk alone .. But from stamford bridge to wembley, we'll keep the blues flag flying high.

Baby : Questioning him is out of question, live the fullest and leave the rest unto HIM is what we have to do. Fullest means everything that He has taught us - HIS way. Thanks for sharing, baby!

drumsticks : Yeah, I wonder what went wrong. Maybe it's just the environtment. I blame it on them.

Lynnwei : It's been a while since I saw you in my blog. :) Thanks for all the support. Yeah, I will. Trying my very best to regain what I've lost all these years.

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