A Day Before Today

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I like having meals at Ikea Cafe. I must say that food are nice and it's quite affordable too. If you happen to be there, don't just go Swedish on your furniture, go Swedish on your food as well.

This place is so famous for its meatballs. People had been telling me that all these while. This place is like heaven, everything in one place - shopping and food. You just gonna love this.

I've tried almost everything on their menu but what I haven't is the Daim Cake. If you're a chocolate lover, then you must love Daim cake. It’s made from an almondy biscuit batter that yields a thin cake. The cake is covered with chopped pieces of Daim candy and milk chocolate. It’s very sweet and rich and oh, bad for your teeth!

Okay, then only you have the energy to shop. The only turn off in this place is the long queue, I just hate that and most of the time you'll find it hard to grab a seat because the place is always flooded with people - even during weekdays!

I bought a few stuffs for baby and I must say I like the Famnig Hajrta. So comfy!



The Distance

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I missed my quiet and laid back kind of life back at home - Noted that my home is in the land far beyond. Well, actually just 2 hours and 15 minutes away from LCCT that is. Somehow now I became accustomed to busy life in the metropolitan, a place where I will never have enough time. I feel like a walking-dead even in my sleep. Nothing, I mean nothing really stops here.

When I was back at home, I would normally get up around 7:30, take my bath and switch on the computer and surf the net for news, jobstreet, my blog and a cup of tea before I went off to work. Upon arriving, I will have my breakfast nearby Laksa House, Parkcity and normally I would have either kampua or yong tau foo (not as good as the ones here in peninsular but it was okay. Most importantly, a lot cheaper). Then I will have a puff or two, chit chatting with all my colleagues before we start the day at 8:30 am. Our office opens at 9:00 am, mind you.

Here, the story would be :

I wake up everyday at 6:25 am, as my alarm is set at 6:25 am. I get up, take my bath and before that I switch on my computer to check my mails, jobstreet, my blogs and soccernet at one go. Now here is the catch, I always do not have enough time here and so, I have to open so many browser at one go and then go take my bath. 7:25 Usually I will be down the road waiting for bus to take me to LRT. Now, this is the thing that I just hate about this place, the bus is so damn slow. 7:45 I will reach the LRT station and it will take me about 15 minutes to reach my destination. Upon arriving, I will have to walk another 10 minutes to office from the station and as usual, by the time I got into office it was already 8:30 am. There is simply no time to go out for breakfast and so along the way usually I will just stop by 7-Eleven or the aunt next to it and tapau a box of fried bihun at RM 2.00, sometimes she would just give me for free.

I eat in the office, no time to talk to people, no time to mind about the others and quickly grab all the reports and work starts since then and mind you, the office only opens at 9:15 am which is 15 minutes later than my previous office but still, I am on a run all the time.

Can you see the differences? I described my morning working at home in one nice paragraph and the part that I described my life here, you can just feel the tense while reading the two long winded paragraphs. That is the difference.

How about my after work life?

Back home office close at 4:30 pm. I will straight away do some report checking, daily balancing, filing and sharp at 5:30 pm off I go and every Tuesday and Thursday, sometimes Saturday, me and my colleagues will be in the badminton court and get into action.

Contradictorily, here eventhough the office close at 4:30 pm, I will have my daily balancing done at 5:00 pm, then off to checking reports, filing the same old story but it would stretched until 7:30 pm. I need to walk another 10 minutes to the train station and repeat the whole process again and reached home around 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm sometimes and how about badminton? I can forget about it.

That's life here and there. Maybe that's what shaped my writings as well ...


Bubbly ...

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It should be Cibol instead

I think the happiest blogging moments in my life was when I was still in my wordpress. Don't ask me why because I honestly don not know. My joy with cibolution does not really .. well, you can say that I treat my cibolution like a blog rather than a place to talk to my friends and acquaintances. It is rather boring, I supposed - There is no more of that personal touch, the inner self and all I can see is the bubbly "wannabe" me - Whatever that mean is.

It is something more personal, more me in a way. I can't really help but to think about bubbly ever since I wrote that last reply on the previous post. I want to be back to where I was, maybe not really that but the moments. I know, it is something .. somewhat I can never describe. There was life in that particular wordpress but cibolution? I found it rather fake - full of things that would irritate me right down to my bone. It doesn't sound right.

I wish that the spirit of "A Life Less Ordinary" stays with me.

On another note, little that I realize it has been a year. A year since the very first day I step into this little office of mine. Time flies, that was real fast. I remember, the day I went for interview, it was on my twenty sixth birthday and it was I who decide that I shall be here. I would've said - "No, not here". With HOPE, I made that decision to be where I am now.

Looking back what I've achieved along the way, I think I've learnt a lot. What I learnt here for the past 12 months is much more greater than what I would have learn in my previous office in three years. That is how important this place is to me. I grow and I am what I am now because of this place and I thank God I made that choice.

There are still a lot of bends and corners along the way, we might not know what is there around those bends but perhaps, HE got better plans - Who knows? HE sometimes doesn't make sense, but HE knows what he's doing. I just need to trust HIM on that or else ...

Let's just live and take it a day at a time, with HIM that is ...


Unto You - An Easter Reflection

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This Holy Week has taught me a lot of things in life and in fact I think that this Holy Week has the most impact and could be a turning point of my faith, how I look at things, the way I operate and so on.

This Holy Week finally my eyes were open and hopefully it stays open so that I would not be constantly reminded of how the world is pretty much fair for me. You do good, you'll be paid good, you do bad - you'll get your share of swipes and all of this comes in HIS time. Yes, in HIS very own sweet time.

I've strayed, I've wondered far and I think it's time to go back and perhaps what had happen during this Holy Week is a call to remind me of just all that. It's a wake up call.

Sometimes when something bad happened, we tend to ask that sacred question of :

"Eloi, Eloi lama sabachthani!"

Which translates into asking God the Father why has he forsaken us. Maybe most of the time we question our faith, we question God - like He is responsible for everything and He is the one who make it happen but what we never succeed to realize was that there is a meaning behind it all. We often fail to look back what we had done.

There is this one song that actually reminds me of it all. I beautiful song and I must say that it is one of my personal favourite and today I would just like to share this beautiful song with each and everyone of us. A song that which reminds me of the point of our existence, of life, of love and most importantly of hope as we would like to be remembered as - I thank God that all of this happened.

Have a blessed Easter everybody.


Liverpool 1-3 Chelsea: Blues stun Anfield

It just can't get any better than this. You woke up in the morning and walla - Great news greets you as it says.


and yes, you read that right! Chelsea hammered Liverpool in their own backyard and the KOP's 14-months unbeaten home record destroyed.

Image from http://www.telegraph.co.uk

It felt good because I was a little skeptical about Chelsea's chances of progressing to the next run due to the nature of them losing grounds at Anfield but I guess, histories are just best to be left as histories.

Two goals from the most unlikely source - Branislav Ivanovic who had been very impressive since taking over from the injured Jose Bosingwa and a goal by the ressurected Didier Drogba gave Chelsea the upper hand for the second leg next Tuesday. Who would've bet on Chelsea to run riot at the KOP?


Certain Shade of Green

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It always feels good when what you did in life is very much appreciated - even if they don't really mean it. Because sometimes we just need to hear the words. Simple words like - congratulations, well done.

I received an email from from the RM.

From : RSM
Sent : Tuesday, April 07, 2009 5:09 PM
To : BSM
Cc : RMO, cibol

Dear BSM,

Good job from your Ops staff - cibol ! Please do let him know that I am very much pleased with his effort to help the branch out by capturing that RM XX,XXX deal. The reason is because the management team and I would not know if he doesn't key-in the sales under his ID and we are also very keen to know who is the real person behind, who is actually giving effort to promote the products for your branch. Now that I know, I am very pleased that your ops staff did a great job.

Thanks for letting me know BSM!

Please quickly sign him up for UT exam.

Dear cibol,

Well done! Keep up the good work and go for a higher figures for your Branch Ops Team.



Like Baby said, what we have now is what HE had given us and what HE'd given he can take it away at any given time HE wants. And I guess in a way it's a blessing that I must thank HIM for.


Fullhouse - Lifestyle Store and Cafe

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As the name says, when we got there after mass it was really a fullhouse.

I've seen it before, walk passed it like every now and then everytime I go to NZX and what I never did was walk in and dine. I must say I'm impressed. The moment I stepped in, it's like stepping in into my dream house. This cafe was actually built and designed as a full-sized house.

The outside eating place, ground floor.

Also the outside but was taken from the inside, taken on the stairs while going upstairs.

The other wing of the house.

Now, it's not like your average retail outlets or any restaurants out there, what makes this place so different is that everything inside is for sale, I mean those with price tags lah. Don't come up to me and say you want a maid. Stuffs on sale are like clothes, fashion accessories, gifts and even decorative items!

This is located on the first floor


Some of the items on sale

View of the center of ground floor

After a while touring the place, I sat down and ordered and I must say that for this kind of environment, it's actually quite cheap. The Pan Sear Dory Fish that I ordered cost around RM 12 and it doesn't taste bad either. I must say it's worth the price. This dory set is cooked with siew pak choy and mushroom and what I like the most was the sauce, which made out of butter, milk and lemon grass cream. Love it!

The drink of the day went to : The Green Milk Tea

Second set was the fish and chips, nothing to shout about but it's more expensive than the much better tasting dory. I still prefer the ones by London Fish Tales, the best I'd ever had.

The bar on the first floor

It's time to say goodbye for the day and we all need to go back to Kelana Jaya station before it's too late and I can't go back later. But wait,

Didn't the thing just turned red?


Holy Smoke : Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve.

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One thing I really like about Mutiara Damansara is that there are plenty of dining place to choose from. If you are the type that prefer a laid back and not so noisy kind of place then the place to be is HERE, a place like no other. I must say that The Curve is probably one of the most favourite place for me to chill and just relax. I can't just grab a drink and sit, read and relax all day long.

A place definitely not to be missed when you're there is the Bavarian Bierhaus. Located at the ground floor of the curve, Bavarian Bierhaus offers a wide range of German cuisine of course and The Germans are so famous for their pork dishes - sausages and grills and as the name say, bierhaus. They don't call it that for nothing. By the way bierhaus means Beer House in German. It's very direct and predictable anyway. October Fest comes early, eh?

Oh, boy! I just lurve the atmosphere - cosy and a great place to chill out.

there were not so many people by the time we got there. The place is a little bit out of side if you walk by.

We started with something that was recommended by the waiter for us as we are not well versed with German cuisine and so we ordered something like in this picture. I kinda forgot what's the name of the dish but it is listed as number one in the menu on the starter page if I'm not mistaken. It was quite hard to pronounce anyway. If I'm not mistaken it cost us about RM26 or so.

Experimenting shots with some lighting

and without, the future looks bleak ...

But this one I remember. Barbecue Baby Pork Rib with dried plum barbecue sauce served with Brussels sprout in beer and mash potato. This is one the dish that I highly recommended. Finger licking good. Everyone had been saying that their pork knuckles is the best, and I thought so but alternatively if you ordered this one, you won't be dissapointed either. This dish would cost you RM56 and it's big enough for three. (STP alone can finish this one in no time).

Too bad I was on my way to St Ignatius for Palm Sunday. Germans, they like have the best beers in the world.

Cheers, and for the believers - Have a blessed Holy Week.


Nuffnang Music Bash 2009

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One of the most anticipated events - especially for me because this would mean that I will be attending my very first Nuff event was rolled out at Maison KL, yesterday. I know I was supposed to blog about it live at the spot itself but again, connection was a little sucky and I don't really know why but that's alright. The experiences matters.

I had problems locating the place due to my limited night outings eventhough I must say I have been in KL plus minus in about 6 years or so, prior to studying and working here in peninsular. So, I texted Bongkersz and asked for Huai Bin's number. I was really in need of some directions on how to go there.

Finally after a few toss and turns we hit the jackpot. Yeah, Maison in front of me.

Drum rolls ..

The red carpet awaits ..

I was trying to do a Gerard Butler, but FAILED miserably.

Second try, also FAILED ..

I came with Roy, now it's not hard to bring him along. Just mention the word, free flow and he'll tag along. No, he's not a blogger but he's a loyal reader of mine *winks* That's what families are for, eh?

The event was ornganized by Nuffnang with support from Maxis Broadband and it's Nuff's first party for the year 2009, means that there'll be more to come.

We reached at about 7:30 pm or so and upon reaching I saw a long queue and I was wondering what is it all about and so, Roy asked :

"What are we queuing up for?"

and the answer was ..

"Food, of course .. Duh!"

I estimate there were like at least 100 attendees for the event with loud noise all over. It was quite happening.

We head in

I contacted Sue a few hours earlier mentioning that my blog was actually suspended for high CPU usage blah blah blah, I was a bit worried that I might be denied a pass to go in but as Sue confirmed that I was already in the guest list, it doesn't really matter.


Some snapshots of the Beyonce's dance impersonation


Sorry about the blurry images guys, I don't have a DSLR like most of these people inside. I'll just make do with what I got. That one pun pinjam.


The MC doing his booty shaking stuffs

There were performances by the Nuff's team as well and sorry guys, it was tottally, utterly ... feel free to fill in the blanks. But that doesn't really matter, you had fun right? That's more important. Way to go Tim ..

Oh, the Nuff band is called the "Nuffnang All Stars". Oh, come on! Can't get more lemur than that aite mate? Cheers!


And there were the Jaiho girls. Go and google Jaiho then you'll know lah. I was scratching head to figure out WTF is Jaiho in the first place.

Beauty and the beast

The best dressed male award was awarded to Yat who actually came in as a hippie Jonsie (John Lennon lah - but seriously he does look like Yoko Ono a bit with the sepet eyes) and the worst impersonator ... aisehmen, how come la brader?? Looks like the Eminem trick didn't get the cut but then you still walk away with a price right? That's cool!

Left to right : Pink of Lady Marmalade, Lady Gaga, Britney Naughty Spears, Eminem - The Eminem Show, Bob Mat Ganja Marley, Yoko Ono (oops) John Lennon.

The best celebrity impersonator for the guys was awarded to Julian aka Mat Ganja with the dreads and all, that was cool man and for the ladies it went out to Britney! Way to go people!

Paparazzis!!!!!!!!!! Run for your life!!

The crowd ..

The party lasted until I don't know but it's a wrapped untill 11 or so but since there was a massive jam. We decided to just wait nearby Heritage Row and guess what? That was another RM15 parking fees!!! Cheebuy betul la!

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