Debunked Face

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I came back from work and my blog is still ...

Enough said, I just don't know what to do.

It's official, from Monday onwards I'll be moving into a new department. Strange, because I was only like three months into Fixed Deposit and now I am being given remittance. That was fast.

A few reshuffling will take place in the next few weeks and my office is not going to be spared. Two of our staffs will be transferred OUG and TAR branch respectively. Seriously, I don't get the point of doing so. The new staff just came in and had just completed her training and now she will be shipped out to OUG in like - tomorrow? And one of the most experienced staff that we have will be shipped out next week. Good God!

I was told :

Recession hits blah blah blah .. so we must cut cost at any will
Other branches needed people more than us ..

The truth is, some jack ass up there trying very hard to please the upper jack asses. That's the truth! Nothing but the absolute truth that this bugger is trying to lick the upper jack asses asses!

It's not that hard to figure out.

Yeah, you've heard it all before.

"we are now in a crisis. Recruitment will be freeze at the moment and there will be changes here and there, inter-branch transfers, inter-region, inter-divisions"

Crisis your head.


The Lightness of Being

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I've been facing problems trying to access my own blog. Darn it! I don't really know what's wrong with it. I did face a few problems before but not until to this extend. The last time it was only for an hour or so but this, it has been almost 12 hours and all I can see after several minutes of loading, is blank. Nada! There's simply nothing!

I hate this ...

Looks like I have to make do with my existing blogger accounts. Oh, boy! It doesn't feel good starting everything all over again. It's hard work and more hard work.

Did I ever mention that running a blog is like running a business?

How am I supposed to relate to that? But I guess like running a business, good services are required. Customers needs to have some interaction with you, feel you and also the most important thing is to get connected to you. In this case, my blog is my store and now my blog is having a major shutdown and a turnaround (hopefully) there's nothing much I can do. There's no interactions and it's not accessible since yesterday.

And so, can somebody out there enlighten me? Please ...

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