I Know Sometimes It's Gonna Rain

Posted by cibol on 11:06 PM
"God, I had enough of this!"

She screamed. That was like all of a sudden.

"What did I do to deserved all this?"

She paused for a while and take a deep breathe.

I look at her but I didn't say a thing. I probably, just probably understands how does she feels. Maybe not to the extend that I would do the same but maybe if I hit the jackpot like she did, I'd be the first to jump.

A few moments before Kong was here beside her. I do not understand Cantonese but I think I did get a few part where he said;

"Why you keep on delaying this case? Just submit this one case and be gone with it. This case of yours is ruining my chances of getting enlisted for the London trip!".

It stunned me. I know we all at some point have to be honest but I didn't expect that it would come as straight forward as that. Bummer! I was like, how could he possibly say such things? I mean I do get the urgency of hitting the branch target but this? Ruining your chances to be on board the London trip? If I'm her, I'd be pissed. More pissed than anyone could ever imagine.

I kept my eyes firmly on the monitor. I was supposed to update some database but I can't help it but to hear all that. He didn't really raised his voice but then you can sense the frustrations in the tone of his ageing voice.

I turned my head to Nat. She didn't even look at me, paying full attention to her work. I was waiting for her to say something as I'm pretty much accustomed to the way she operate. She will always say something every time Kong came down to give a few encouraging words. Well, discouraging - that's more I like it.

After a few moments she stopped and said;

"I'm letting you know in advance"

I don't like that sound but I guess I kinda know what she is going to say.

"My last day with this bank would be on the 27Th"

That's it, I knew it! I knew she got that on her mind for God knows how long and finally now she said it.

"Good, you better because if not I'm gonna kick your ass out of this office"

She drew a smile, a big one.

On this occasion how I wish that I could do the same too. Given her situation, who would not? She's clearly not happy here. Not happy with lots of things - problems with colleagues, the boss and the whole institution is against her!

But I haven't get to the best part yet - She'd just secured RM2 million worth of deal in which will give her a commission in not less than Rm 250,000. That's like getting a RM 20,000 for a whole year without doing anything. Damn!

While she is on the happy side of writing a resignation letter, me on the other hand is hoping that I will get the chance to be back at home, to be near to my family and my dearest baby because I know at this very moment, they need me more than anything.

God will never leave you empty. He will replace everything you lost. If HE ask you to put something down, it is simply because HE wants you to pick something so much better


Confession of A Banker - Ironic

Posted by cibol on 8:20 PM
"Nope, take it easy. It won't hurt that much".

Gently I tear off the envelope. And there you go. That was very much of a relief but the real thing has just begun.

"It wasn't that hard isn't it?"

I could close one eye and just look at the figure and try to tell myself, it's bearable. Just to keep myself calm and not to panic. Pheww ...

Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush everytime you received your credit card bill or bills? The thrill, suspense well it is more like a thriller for some. Believe me, it's so not easy. I remember that feeling. I can't wait to not feel like that anymore.

I'm here. I've been here for the last two years. Pretty impressive because back a few years ago I can never imagine myself being a banker. The idea of working for a bank is scary to me. But here I am, standing still after one helluva ride. Me, a banker - it doesn't really rhyme.

I failed my accounts, I failed my maths countless times over the years and that's on the academic part. On personal terms, I'm spendtrift, a shop-a-lot and bad with managing credit but one thing I can't deny, I love money. That's the only thing that I can make me feel connected to financial institution.

Somehow, all these makes me feel like "Rebecca Bloomwood", a shopaholic who can never get hold of her financial finance working for a financial magazine called "Successful Savings", teaching and sharing thoughts on personal savings, APRs and advising and giving a lot to the readers but what she never did was to take her own advice. Me, on the other hand, sometimes I feel that I am more or less like that not the part that I'm supposed to be "The Girl in A Green Scarf". Maybe I suit more to "The Boy in A Blue PJs" or maybe "The Boy in The Blue Boxers". Eyy, that's kinda cool.

It felt good, after all these years somehow being in this line taught me a lot of things and knowing little by little the way in and out of it makes me feel a lot more energetic and in the process build up my confidence.

A friend called a few days ago and asked me about how to open an account.

"Dude, need some help"

"Okay, wassup?"

"I kinda need to open an account. I have a malfunctioned mykad but it would be from a competitor bank. How do I go about it"

I paused for a moment, like if you open an account with my bank I got something from it? Perghh ...

"get a temporary IC from JPN. That would do"

"Anything else I need?"

"Just in case they want more supporting docs, bring your birth cert and driving license along"

"Okay, cool. Thanks dude"

It's a simple question but I feel proud because I shared something that I know with someone. I can feel the happy-ness in it. It was such a pleasure when someone come to you and asked for your advice on things. It might not be a one million dollar question but as long as you can satisfy that someone with your explanation, I think you'd be satisfied as well. That's the way it is, right?

Be proud of what you are doing for you are doing good to others. yeah, talking like a real man!

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How Far We've Come

Posted by cibol on 8:22 PM
Do you remember when we first met? I know it was not the, you know under normal circumstances would people call a date but I thought that should be our first date. And I still remember that I was having a little kick on myself for not buying flowers on that special day, in which I wrote a post that you did not even know that it was about you. You know, sometimes life is funny. If I look back at how things started, oh boy ... I just can't believe it but hey, we're here aren't we? We pulled it out together.

Just some random thoughts playing on my mind.

You might be asking why all the sudden and my answer would be, I suddenly thought of it. Been feeding myself with some rom-com recently and I find myself back to the old times mode. You know, laid back, relax, be funny and just seriously take things a little easier. Having a little breather I would say.

Sometimes looking back at the whole "how we started" kinda thing tickles me a lot. I know we often talked about it. You know the little, "how can this be" talk over the phone and everytime we talked about it, it never failed to amuse me. It's funny how people from two different world, the opposite direct of every single thing on earth could get hooked to each other. Let's just keep the details to ourself for the moment.

"I pray to God and HE gave me you"

Seriously that was like the sweetest thing that I've ever heard of.

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