Posted by cibol on 7:28 PM
It's really hard to get back into it because you've not been doing it for quite some time. Sometimes I wish that my life is full of drama so that I can write something about it every single day. Well, I used to have one and I'm not saying that my life is mundane either.

Perhaps the word "complex" sums it but who's life isn't complex to begin with?

I'm happy? To a certain point, yes. I am happy to have someone who loves me dearly and yes I am happy that my dad is doing fine and recovering. (I've yet to blog about that) I'm happy that I have a job, I'm partially in between happy with the way things are running in my life and the same goes with my colleague. Never in my life being in a place where I hate almost everybody but the hatred is not enough to make me kill them. That's the complexity of the life that I'm living on now.

Another contradicting fact : I am happy that I have a job that I kinda hate and not because because I really hate the job but because I hate the institution as a whole!

Nothing personal, just my random frayed end of sanity going on live and I could go on and on and on - but let's keep that for another day.

I'm all but gone

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