Danddy Danddy Go Away and Please Go To Hell

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I have been struggling with dandruff problem for quite some time. I really hate that. I've tried like different types of shampoo these years but none of them seems to work well for me. There was this one time that I shaved my head, not to the extend of Stone Cold Steve Austin kind of baldness but safe to say it was about an inch thick and I thought by doing so it would be easier to keep up with my dandruff problem. Well, for a few weeks it worked but then after that they came back.

I've seen these bottles of "medicated" shampoo for scalp care / dandruff control in Watson, Guardian for quite some time but it never crossed my mind to go and actually buy the thing because I thought the price was a little bit expensive for a small bottle of shampoo. That would cost me around 25 bucks or so if i remember that correctly.

It is called "Selsun Blue".

I was in Sungei Wang yesterday after work. I thought of buying some rations and few other personal care stuffs like soaps and all and I saw there was this promotion for Selsun Blue shampoos. For the price of RM 31 you'll get two bottles instead of one. One bottle contains 200ml and the other one is 120ml.

I was tempted to try this one out and so I bought the thing and I hope it does solve my problems because according to them it's 99% effective.

Read this :

Dandruff can be caused of overactive sebaceous glands which are triggered by hormonal imbalance and stress.

Ok, that's new. I knew about the hormonal imbalance thingy but not the later part of it.

I woke up this morning and check my scalp out, there are still dandruff but it is sort of lesser than everyday for the past God-knows-how-long. Not to get too carried away, I shall try this shampoo for a couple more of times as the instructions says, twice a week or according to your doctor!

Active ingredients : Selenium Sulfide 1%


The Wait

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Okay, I know - Scream if you will!

Finally I decided to pen down something on this old dusty blog of mine which I'm very much sure will be resurrected once I touch down in my "tanahair". Yes, you read that right. I'm coming home.

It has been a fantastic two years working here in the big city, well if you would want to count since the day I got my feet on this very ground, it has been nine years. It's been that long, yes.

Next month I'll be moving back to Sarawak, Miri to be exact and start a new line of job, still within the banking line but with a different view. Currently I'm serving my one month notice period. And Arthur was right, I find that this the longest month of my life. Gosh! How much I hate the wait.

Well, I guess I've learnt a lot during these past two years, met lotsa nice people and I'm blessed with the experience that I've had all these years and I thank God that I survived.

I guess sometimes, when you got older - there are more valueable things in life than just the likes of partying hard all night and shopping. I guess that part is settling down and enjoy the greater things in life.

I'm coming home!

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