Hello Peeps!

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I've been down with cough, slight one - no worries. So, I just spend my Saturday at home, sleeping, resting. Nothing like a fine Saturday - In bed all day long. Love and hate kinda thing, love it because you just can get lazy, hate it because - It's not because you want to be in bed all day long but because you can't go out.

I've been spending some time going around youtube, myspace to find fresh new sound - at least the one that are better than those already in the market right now. The good thing about myspace is that there's a lot of local musicians and also abroad sharing music and stuffs they do. It's cool. Then you'll be able to see that actually we have a lot of unnoticed talent out there. Seriously a lot!

I've been hoovering around this particular myspace of late. I found that the songs, a real class. It's not like those badly recorded drum beats of some established Malaysian band. This one rocks! It sounded like All American Rejects in some ways. SAM, that's the name.

And sharing with you guys, one of the track that I really like from SAM, it's a Malays song called :

Pergi Buat Selamanya

Who says Malaysia ain't got talent?


The Real Kampua, Please Stand Up!

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Suituapui texted me a few days ago and it says something sort of like this :

"Go to neo, hotscreensaver blog to find kampua in Puchong"

I was like, okay - maybe this is just an ordinary kampua or something that they "suka hati" call kampua but doesn't taste like kampua at all. Obediently, I went to neo's blog to take a peek and I did jot down the address of the place. Soon after that I texted Daniel,

"Wanna go for kampua in Puchong?"

the reply was,

"I'm up for it. When?"

my reply was,

"Anytime also can. If you want tonight also I don't mind"

Seriously, I've been craving to have kampua even though I still have a heavy doubt on this one either.

"Breakfast would be fine"

And so, the quest for kampua is on. On the day itself, we head straight to Puchong after picking me up at Bukit Jalil LRT station. The place, is located at Japan Puteri 7/11, Bandar Puteri, Puchong. It's located nearby the hospital, so before the hospital you turn in then you can see a lot of shophouses there.

Since neo doesn't really provide us with much details, with the help of a little bit of technology that they call GPS, we managed to find the place - that was after a few toss and turns. Seriously, I was about to blame neo for not telling us the name of the shop. :p

The GPS tells us this, well more complicated than this but the thing gave us instructions on how to go there. Cool huh? Sakai-ed!

To go There : Let me give you kampua cravers the coordinate: N03° 1.467' E101° 37.441'

I hope this will be more helpful. Just key in the coordinate on your GPS or Google Earth/Map. Hola!

Still a bit skeptical, I took a peek at the ingredient of the kampua. It smells like kampua alright, and it does look like one, but is it kampua? Not after I had a bite that I said,

"This is the real kampua"

Notice the char siew? Over here and back at home, the char siew got a little bit different. It's nicer and less oily.

Yes, it is! After a long search for kampua, finally I found one!

Me and Danny boy had the bigger plate which cost us RM4.50 each meanwhile Drumsticks had the small one for RM 4.00. The difference is only RM 0.50, but the amount, generous eventhough for a plate of kampua, RM 4.50 is a little bit too expensive but what the heck? It's KL, you don't find this type of food in KL that much.

My take on it is, it's not the best but one thing for sure, it is kampua and it's not bad either and forgive me because I forgot to take the picture of the shop. I told myself I will be taking it so that people will know of this place but I just forgot. But the only thing that I can tell you is that the shop name was Berry or Berryl .. something sort of.

So, the next time I want to have kampua, I know where to go. Wheeeeoooa!


Happy Father's Day!

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To all daddies, Happy Father's Day!


I'm Yours

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I texted a few friends back in February if I'm not mistaken, that was the time when Jason Mraz was in town. he was not really a household name by that time and I thought that It will be interesting to go and watch the concert. I've been following jason Mraz ever since the single "You and I Both" was released back in 2002, it was the third single from the album "Waiting For My Rocket To Come".

I actually really really wanted to go for the concert but I received 5 out of 5 replies saying, "No, not interested", and a few "Who the fuck is Jason Mraz?" and a "I only know one song, why should I go?". That actually dented my hope of catching MR. A-Z live act in KL. A bummer! yeah, some of you might want to suggest that I go there alone but dudes and dudettes, I don't drive and going there to catch him playing live will require me to sleep over at the stadium (wherever that was) until the very next morning!

and so, the story ended there.

But there was this wave of everybody having to sing "I'm Yours" every single day for I do not know how long until I got so tired and sick of the song and then my friends started to know who Jason Mraz is and they said "Why didn't you tell me earlier?". Hello, didn't I just did that? But anyway, that's a gone case now and so since it's Saturday, a day where everyone else would like to call shopping day, clubbing day or what not and I'm here at home, doing house chores, washing clothes and blah blah blah ...

I've got some free time. So I dig my own "I'm Yours". This is recorded like a few times because I just couldn't really follow the lyrics quite well, that's the best I can do. Seriously ... Enjoy!


A Little Too Not Over You ..

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Finally I get to get my hands on my PC again. I've been dirtying my hands with don't know the source from kind of money for the past few days. Well, not much to complaint as it is in my line of work. It's in the circle, alright.

Little that I realized that it has been like almost a year and a half that I've been here. Time flies huh. Tell me about it. It's nice to see that everything is getting back to normal, no haze - at least for the moment. I know, working in the office, fully air-cond, cosy seats and blah blah blah .. Hey, gimme a break! When I get out of work I do want some fresh air too!

I'm trying that Zee Avi's pose but the cameraman clearly failed me - Yeah blame the cameraman. Shame on you! :p

I've been having fun on twitter and also facebook lately. Suddenly everything is like a little bit addictive to me. It's like those days when I got hooked up with MiRC. Those days eventhough it was over, I can still remember how thrilled and all pumped up to get connected to undernet or webnet or whatever net that was. Those were the days and facebooking (yeah, it's now a verb)and twittering are just like that.

I see a lot of people doing everything and nothing at all on it - It's fun, I just enjoyed that. People posting pictures, commenting on each others status eventhough I know sometimes it's pretty much lame but who cares? As long as you're happy, I'm happy I think that's okay.

So I thought people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey (was that the name?) did bring joy to some of the earthlings - I mean not everybody enjoyed FB and Twits to get things real. *Singing "Crazier" by Taylor Swift* And not just that, this two dudes made millions. That's crazy ..

I remember a few years back when I first sign up for facebook, I asked a friend to join (sorry dear friend, I seriously forgot who that friend was) facebook, and the answer I got was :

"So many things lah, this lah that lah .. better stick to friendster"

But I think a few months after that I saw this friend of mine somewhere in the facebophere. Slowly, a lot of people shifting. At this moment I can say that I can spend the whole night just in front of my facebook, waiting for updates.

By the way, I bought new guitar strings yesterday. The old one is a bit rusty because it has been like almost a year since I last changed any. I was thinking of grabbing some Ernie Ball or maybe just some Fender will do but then since there is a new Music Shop around the block, I decided to pay them a visit. One of our regular customer actually, and he offered me a smooth medium dens strings for at about twelve bucks. Hey, you can't get any better than that for one full set of strings eh ..

Since I don't have any electronic tuner at home guess what I did? I actually tuned my guitar with the help of youtube. You know you can just search for anything on youtube. It's cool. It does make things a little bit easier to me With this i told myself ....


P/S : I actually changed the strings because Eddie pointed it out.


All About Loving You

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These days I hardly touch the very thing that I used to hold on to every single day since sound was made known to my ears. I never own one until back two years ago and it wasn't an acoustic one either. My first guitar was a purple Ibanez Gio which cost me around RM 800 which I bought from a friend and mind you, I've been playing since I was thirteen.

I've been missing a lot these days I guess. I've not been writing until recently and I do not know where does that come from. It sort of just came out like that from the middle of nowhere. I used to pen down sounds every now and then back then but now not anymore. I kind of lost that special kind of something.

It comes in naturally without me having to think that I should let it out aloud. It would knock on the door of my head without having me inviting it in. It will always came as such surprise, not at the moment that I'd expect - which now, doesn't happen that often.

But today I picked up that guitar, strangely it flows smoothly and I played some notes and it was turned into a song. A song that I've yet to know how will it go, a song which is very empty inside. I thought I like the tune and I played it a few more time.

So, I thought to myself, I think I got it back. It's like I lived,I've loved, I've lost I've and paid some dues and now I'm back again. It felt good to be able to do so. I've got that touch back ...

Nah, I'm not going to upload that here at this moment. Since Mandy requested for my very own version of The Climb, originally by Miley Cyrus taken from the soundtrack of Hannah Montana The Movie, here it goes.


The Climb

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In life, there'll always be challenges. Big, small like it or not we all have to face it. Sometimes it's not just about how well you do to face it, it includes how much you've learned after all that because there's always will be another mountain struggle that you will have to climb.

Oh, well. I know that sounds pretty much familiar. Yeah, I know - I've been feeding myself with lotsa teen movies lately. I pretty much enjoyed watching teen movies, keeps you younger - in a way. No, a lot of way.

I woke up this morning and this song keeps on playing in my head. I thought it was a very nice number and very meaningful indeed. It tells of one being courageous, tough inside out and determine in dealing with a lot of struggle in life. It's about moving on and also about realizing dreams.

I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying
"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking

I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah
Just gotta keep going

And I, I got to be strong
Just keep pushing on

'Cause there's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb, yeah!

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Somebody's gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb, yeah!

Keep on moving, keep climbing
Keep the faith, baby
It's all about, it's all about the climb
Keep the faith, keep your faith

Hope that keeps us motivated at least for today ...


Are You The 12th Man?

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I'm so gonna get this one!


Time To Change - Again!

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I kinda missed that wordpress platform. I missed tweaking it, not that I tweak that much but it was fun to do this and that since wordpress is the most used blogging platform in the world - anybody can deny that? I missed my dot.com for short.

Now, the plan is to move my cibolution.com to another hosting because basically mercumaya doesn't really satisfies my needs. I'm still looking around for some good ones. I've got friends who offered me some space in their hosting, I might take that into consideration as well. 

Now, any suggestions guys?

Something affordable and reliable at the same time. I don't want those "server down often" type of service provider. 


My Big Fat ....

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You know that the generation has expanded

1. When you go ngabang (house visiting, usually during gawai), you need two Avanza and two Hilux.

2. When you want to sleep, you have to go to your another grandpa's house which is a few rooms away because your own 'bilik' (units in a long house) you have to walk 'jengket-jengket' like there's dead bodies everywhere from the living room until the kitchen.

3. When a RM30 plate of fried mee is not enough for even ONE table

4. When you see piles of TIGER beer before the kick-off

Yes, I experienced all that. I actually didn't really notice that before this until on that very day, first day of gawai. My God! My grandpa actually have more than a dozen grand children!

then I started to draw a chart on a piece of paper (sorry I did not managed to take the picture). This is my mom's side. My mom got six siblings for a start. My mom as the eldest child of Mr Edwin Dol got three children.

Cibol - That's me
Amy Maureen
Brenda Punga

Aunt Pauline, from Julau with love got herself two handsome young man

Gadley Tommy
Gadley Terry

Uncle Nick have by far the biggest number 5 PRINCESSESS!

Aileen Lola
Bernaddette Chara
Dierdre Eva
Beatrice Sura

Anybody taking?

Then comes Aunt Esther with one

Swaylin - yes, she was name after that Iban pop-star

next comes Aunt Anna with a lovely young lady and two rascals but grandma said, they're both way off my standard.

Renee Ajan
Leonard Leopold
Terence Awal

Uncle george came in next with

Stephanie George
Augustine Mirap
and another two which I forgot their name (Bad bad bad!)

Uncle Mike came in next with only one in Munai, I also forgot her English name.

If my math is correct that is 18 altogether.

We do not have a bungalow per say but at this current moment, yes they sleep from the living room until the kitchen. It's like a war aftermath seriously. It's like seeing dead bodies everywhere.

That pic includes Uncle Roger Baran - A young uncle of mine

The best part of this all is that, eventhough there's simply not enough place to sleep but seriously it was fun with everybody around. It's not that you guys meet each other that often but this is the season that everybody come together and GET DRUNK! ha ha ha ...

Aram kitai ngansar ka tumbung!


Batu Niah Best Fried Mee

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I was back at home for Gawai end of last month and yeah, I didn't managed to put up any post on it but chill, I left my modem in Bintulu, that's why.

There's this one particular shop at the corner of the row of coffee shops by the riverside of Batu Niah which we often if I must say, a must place to eat for each and every one of us. Every time after Sunday Mass we would be gathering at that particular shop and spend time chit chatting and just mingle around.

This particular shop by far, I think got the best fried noodles I've ever tasted! I think the whole family agrees with me. They've been around for as long as I can remember. we practically watched their children grew up!

It is a very small shop with limited sitting I must say but mind you, the seats are never empty.

Yup, the shop itself was so full of US! From the picture you can see my cousin, Renee and my grandparents. Yes, they're still alive and kicking!

After mass on 31st of May, we went there. Some of the family members was supposed to arrived a day before but due to some - I don't know, maybe they had early Gawai somewhere along the way, they only managed to get going from their respective places on the eve of Gawai itself.

This time, we ordered RM 15 worth of fried noodles.

Seriously, that RM 15 plate was not enough, we add another RM 10!

That's how good it is!

It's very different from the fried mee that we have in KL. It's less dark, less oily and also really dry. I had bad experiences in the peninsular when it comes to having fried mee. There was this one time I asked for a "mee goreng kering" and I thought that the fella would understand what I want and instead, he gave me a plate of fried mee but with sauce - I told him, I want a dry one and you know what, he came back to me, with the same plate of noodle but with the sauce taken out. WTF!

The difference between here and there would be first thing first, the bean sprout. Here we cut the roots but the ones on the other side, the fried it with the roots and not to mention they always got this burnt smell out of it. It's really a turn off ...

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