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Packing is tiring. Another day to look forward to. Lucky thing I bought my ticket like way back before - I think it was somewhere in February or March. Nah .. Couldn't really remember. RM 400 for a return ticket with MAS I think is quite reasonable. Finally a reason to cheer after a few months of heavy work load, time to loosen up a bit.

So, foongpc came up with this creative tag a few days ago and I decided to give it a support. It is called the "My Favourite A-Z List".

1. Start copy from "Begin Copy Here" until "End Copy" to your blog.

2. List your favourites from A-Z.
For example, starting with the alphabet A, you can list down your favourite Actor, your favourite Anthem, favourite Aerobic exercise or even your favourite ABBA's song. As long as it starts with the letter A.

Then move on to alphabet B. You can list your favourite Book, or Bag, or Blog, or even your favourite Boxer shorts! It's entirely up to you!

Repeat the same with alphabet C, D, E and so on until Z.

If you can't think of a word that starts on that particular alphabet, you may visit Foongpc's Very First Blog for a comprehensive list of words.

3. Tag 7 people.

Actor - Tom Hanks
Book - None in my mind now
Cartoon - Transformers
Day - Friday, working hours cut short and weekend starts
Excuse - I forgot?
Fruit - Durian, should be
Game - Football, Championship Manager 01-02
Horror Movie - The Exorcist
Ice cream - Cornetto
Japanese Food - Ermmm ... I don't have any
Korean Food - Bulgoggi
Lake - The band Madina Lake (:p)
Music - Rock
Number - 8, Frank Lampard, Bebeto, Steve Archibald, Corey Taylor
Order - Panfried Dory at London Fish Tales
Past Time - Playing CM
Queen - Baby
Rocker - Alex Band, Bon Jovi, Chris Cornell, Chad Kroeger
Slipknot - Corey Taylor of course
Transformers - Fortress Maximus
University - UPM
Vacation - The Bahamas, maybe one day or South Korea
World Cup - 1986, Argentina won it for the second time
X-Men - Wolverine
Yogurt- Strawberry yogurt
Zodiac - Pisces

Now as for the tagging, let me see :


He he he .. so, any of you in Bintulu Friday onwards?


Your Blog Is A Failure

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Recently I came across this blog post on Nuffnang innit. It says something like my blog is dead or something like that. "My Blog Is A Failure" And I must say that this kind of post irks me to my spine. It's annoying. Annoying in a sense that you drag everybody along into your melancholy and your infinite sadness. Seriously, I think the writer should have not blog and get a better life instead.

She blogs about giving it all up just because there's simply not enough hits for her blog to make money. Duh! What a way to grab attentions. Well, it works - it does grab my attention and I can't help but to feel sorry for this poor little soul and it kinda remind me of this song "I'm Just a Kid" by Simple Plan. Typical SGD, being kiasu all the time. Patheticly, utterly, totally useless.

Let me just reply to all that :

First and foremost, say you want more hits on your blog right? So I'll ask you this question, what did you do to deserve more hits? If you right a post and just sit there and hoping that hits will fall of from the sky, don't dream of it, don't even think of it 0- it won't get you anywhere because in this context you want hits and hits will bring you more money (since you mentioned that you want to have more money from advertisement) and I presume that you right good stuffs that at least half of the tennants of planet earth would be dying to google for your articles online, am I right? 

But sadly - No. You don't have a niche market. You write ... Oh well, not worth mentioning but seriously, if you want it to be good, work on it. And why am I talking about niche market here? It's insane.

Anyway, is not all about making money and getting hits unless you're a serious full time blogger and you make a living out of it. It's a hobby, a passion and something you can live without as per say. You blog because you want to, because it's a new way of socializing, interact with people, with friends and like talking to your audience and if there is no audience it's like a diary, a diary that you want someone to read about and to remind you of what have you done, what you've accomplished and what not.

If you think that money is the focus of you blogging, then treat it like a business and stop buying HOPE! *period


The QUEEN of Stone Age In Adam Lambert

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Small Talk : Surprisingly, my google adsense pay me better than my Nuffnang. I wonder? Maybe this is what they call, "Anak tiri dimanjakan, anak sendiri mati tak makan".

Image courtesy of : broadwayworld.com

And so I heard. Well it was everywhere to be honest. Ever since the day that he was touted to the next American Idol he had been everywhere, be it in the local tabloid and what more to say in the states itself. I'm not a big fan but I was dissapointed I must say because the result went against him. Like what my AI enthusiasts friends STP and Charyelle said :

"America is ready for a black president but not a Gay American Idol"

"America is not ready for another Led Zeppelin"

That is history, winning it doesn't guarantee you success. Look at the previous AI winners, only a few bunch make the cut. The likes of Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson still flying high in their respective field and look at the pathetic "Soul Patrol" Taylor Hicks, where is he now? This is where America was trying to be funny and it end up as a bad, bad joke.

Image courtesy of : taylorhicksgirlfriend.wordpress.com

And you know what? This might be a reality - Adam Lambert might be the next frontman of the next legendary rock band, Queen! While it was made known to the whole world that Queen recently ended a four year spell with Paul Rodgers who had been less than successful in his role as a frontman and it was rumoured that Queen are looking for somebody with a bigger fan base, charisma and that somebody who would be able to revive the good old glam rock era and all that traits seems to be written on Lambert's resume, I must say.

While the news had been somewhat they would like to call - had not yet to be confirmed to be true, but neither of the two sides trying to rule out the possibility.

"Amongst all that furor, there wasn't really a quiet moment to talk. But [drummer Roger Taylor] and I are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point," May told Rolling Stone. "It's not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn't that easy. But I'd certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there."

He's right on the money and he's bodaciously talented and if Queen would make this partnership a reality, I'm very much sure that it's going to be a phenomenon! Adam could out-wailed anybody to an insane degree on any of Queen's track, period.


Why Is That My Nuffnang Ads Always Appear At The Wrong Side of The Clock?

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I heard it all before but what I've yet to get is experiencing it. And here in the wee hour, I realized that Nuffnang ads are all over my blog and it's 3:00 am.

Now, how do I benefit from this when I know that most of my hits comes in during the day and the ones that always comes in the wee hours are usually from the other side of the world which is no matter how big is the volume of unique hits at this hour it will not be counted as they are not from Nuffnang served country? Weird ...

So, in a way I'm making lesser money ..

Oh ya, that's the beauty of what we would like to call "marketing strategy" or maybe "product positioning". Marketing, I used to hate this subject during my uni days. There were just so many things to read.

By the way ever since my dot.com was closed down I decided not to put so many stuffs on my blog e.g : slogbites, entrecard, adigitize and what not. Not that because they're not good but because I see no point putting it up since I won't really be benefiting from it anyway ...


The Mag And Pat Family Reunion!

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To be honest - sorry Mag and Pat, I've not been tuning in to Traxx for quite a long while since I moved to KL and the worst thing is that I don't even know that you guys are not even there anymore!

Back when I was working in Bintulu I used to tune in to Mag and Pat In The Afternoon show. STP actually dragged me into it. No regrets though. Since back then I was so free and got nothing to do in the office, I will tune in to Traxxfm on a daily basis, except for weekends that is. What we did during the show? We send sms, request for songs, dedications and just sms-chat lah!

Now that the show is no longer on air and Mag and Pat are also not there, too bad but then the show doesn't really stop there. It somehow was brought back to life by Marty (I supposed) online. How cool is that? And so, last Saturday the family held their reunion dinner at the Baywatch, Kelana Jaya.JL, Foongpc and Christock (He came a little later though) was also present.

This is my first time ever hanging out with all of them since - the day I won that F1 tickets (Thanks Mag *winks*). I must say that I was thrilled and glad to be finally meeting people like Martin, Zul, Zee, Mandy and all the regulars lah. You guys are so cool!

To the left, to the left : Zee, Mandy & Zul

From left : STP, Martin, Marie and Cash

The night itself we also celebrated the ala Chicanos Cash the friendly cabbie (I forgot to count the candles, so I don't really know how young lah). The night was so full of fun. We chit chat and mingle around and not forgetting filming the 10th webisode of MagandPat.com show.

Terence, Grace (Depache Mode), Areen

I like this one.

We chill out until at about around 1 am I think and return to our respective home after that. It was a great one for me and I am hoping to have more and more of that in the near future!


Fly To The Sky

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While baby was here we decided to went uphill Genting. Actually we've been planning to go up for quite a while but only this time around we managed to really got the time to at least step our feet in Genting. Not that this is our first time there but for me myself, the last time I was there was back in 2005. That was like 4 years ago.

The journey up was rather challenging for us because in the first place it seems like everything is against plan. First, from my place to LRT station, we waited for 30 bloody minutes for a cab and I tell you, during that period not even a single cab went in our way until we finally decided to take the bus instead. And the moment we stepped into the bus, a cab passed by!

Second, upon reaching KL Sentral we quickly went downstairs to get our bus tickets and guess what? System down and the only bus available is at 1 pm and of course, since we're on a day trip - that is a waste of time and so we decided to take LRT to Putra Station and then go up Genting via bus.

When we finally reached Putra Station, the only bus available is at 12 pm. Still, not worth it. There were a few cabbies around offering us ride to go the top and they were asking for RM20 per person and they were saying that they already had 2 passengers on board and it would be easier to share the fare. There was this one Pakcik who actually offered us RM15 per person to go up and without hesitation, we took the cab - and I must say he is very geng driving up the slope and bents of Genting. Caya lah!

Actually we just wanted to go to Genting's Snow World. Even though I've been up here a few times but never had I stepped my feet on this ground. Tickets were sold at RM15 per person and we have to wait for turn to go in because they're having it by session.

I didn't want to take the jacket and boots provided by the management because they were - seriously, they stinks and the boots are in bad condition most of them. So I decided to just wear my cardi, a scarf and my own shoes. It was freezing cold up there. It's like being trapped in a big chiller!

Believe me, my arse was like numb for a while!

Pose pose lah a bit!

Then we heard : "Sorry ya, kamera tak boleh pakai kat sini"

Ooops, caught in the act. Yes, you were not supposed to take photos with your own camera here and with that last shot, actually our camera battery went kong!

We stayed in this house for a while because outside was just so freaking cold!

Pose again lah .. :p

After all that we decided to go and have our lunch at one of the restaurant nearby snow world. I can't really remember what was the name but it was amongst the cheapest there actually.

The hero

The heroin

The food was not bad actually and it was below RM10. If you noticed, all of the food sold in Genting are priced above RM10 usually.

I was having this nicely made chicken with sambal! yum yum!

Baby looks confused : "What is this?"

and we had this for dessert

It's mango pudding.

We made our move down to the bus station around 6 pm, we don't want to miss the bus. The journey was quite okay even though we have to rush for things but we did managed to sleep in the hotel before continuing our tour throughout the place - Ripley's Museum is a must!


Back In Time

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The appearance, the rusty salon doors, the design and everything about it tells it all. By looking at it you might have guess it right that the building itself must be around at least a century old or perhaps nearby. Being inside the place is like being back in time and I felt just that when I entered Coliseum Cafe & Hotel - one of the famous tourist dining place along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. This particular diner had been doling out wholesome food to loyal customers with generous servings and a journey back in time experience.

According to goingplaces magazine, the Coliseum which was named after Rome's famous landmark opened its doors in 1921. Imagine how old it is. The cafe was set up to cater to the English living in then Malaya and still now you can find a lot of expat dining in this place - closer to home, perhaps and especially when you're so sick of nasi lemak and roti canai.

I happened to know about this place when baby showed me goingplaces and so we thought that it might be a place worth to visit, and so we did. We took LRT from my place and stop at Bandaraya station which is nearby SOGO. Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman is on the other side of the building, along the place they call "Little India" I supposed. Along the way you can see a lot of shops selling silks, clothes - and of course the famous Harrisons.

Yesterday once more eh?

Antique design

Chak! Boom! Boom!

And so we ordered this lot and yes it was quite heavy for breakfast, it serves lunch as well for us and I guess it's brunch then.

I must say, even though the food looks expensive and sounds so, but in this case - it was rather cheap comparatively.

but this is one expensive "telur dadar".

We find time to walk around the cafe as it was quite early and I bet we were their first customer for the day. The coliseum has been visited by many famous names, some of whom are being sketch by our very own famous cartoonist and a regular patron himself, Dato' Lat - You know "kampung Boy"?

We spent some time looking at the articles hanging on the wall.

Owh, almost forgot our soup of the day - French onion soup.

and my cup of cappucino

Love it


Knowing You Knowing Me

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Reminds me of that ABBA song. I know, I'm not too young for ABBA okay. heard about this talk that ABBA are gays .. :p

By the way, sorry for being away far, far too long. I was busy setting up me online store. But now I'm back again and yes, I will blog more often after this. Oh ya, before I forget - Happy Holiday to each and everyone of you.

Now, who says having your own business is easy? Nobody is born into this world knowing everything, that's why we need to learn and in the process of learning we make mistakes. Jatuh, bangun semula as they said. learn, grab and move forward. It's hard work. So, because of this hard work I find it is insanely unacceptable to not let you guys know that republic fusion was finally set up.

It was a relief that I finally can put everything all up. I was worried at first but I'm a believer in honesty and also God's grace. So, I thank God for the birth of Republic Fusion.

Been going to Facebook and saw there's this long list of quizzes .. What I like the most? How well do you know me! And so, I created one for my friends. See how well you know me. Check it out on my Facebook.

And you know what, looks like for someone that I've known for more than ten years, they still not know much about me.

You can try your luck! Click on this link

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