From Melaka With Love

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I'm actually writing from a guest house. A beautiful one located in the heart of Melaka town. Ohmigawd! It's been a while since I was last here. I think it was like back four years ago. I have to admit that I've lost touch a lot on what happened in Melaka all these years. I even forgotten the phone number of the very first person who brought me here. Oh, I will need another day to write this whole journey. I had a fine first day in Melaka today.



glad to know that u have a great time there...
me too so long never go back there...

p/s: few days left for u here in KL...dah packing ke belum?

Mandy Koay : maybe it's time to re-visit? I belum packing lah .. so many things, so mals some more.

packing? nak pindah ke?
melaka nice or not! got try cendol sataycelup not!
i wanna go back T________________T

annant : Yeah, pindah. I'm moving to Miri in a week's time. Well, I've always love small towns. Cosy, not too busy kind of town .. they're simply a very nice place to live in. Of course I did have all those. After all, without that a visit to Melaka is not complete.

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