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Or the other way around.


Here is how my W660i look like a few weeks ago.

melaka 514

I turn it into this for RM50 in Melaka, plus a brand new battery (which I will explain later)

melaka 512

I even put a condom to it.

Back to the battery case. Well, in cut short the story actually I do not know how could it happened but it just happened right in front of my eyes. They actually lost my battery.

I wanted to change my hp housing for quite sometime but due to the price was I must say not that cheap, I held back. A customer of my former employer actually quoted me RM65 for the same thing. I was like WTF???

It took me all the way to Melaka to finally changed my housing into a new one. I found a shop which is located inside Melaka Parade. The shop quoted me RM50 including labor charges. So I said, Okay!

After a few hours, I came back to the shop but that time the thing was not done yet. So, we waited for another half and hour before he came back to me and hand me my handphone in it's new housing.

I noticed there was some uneven surface on my keypad and out of my curiosity I asked him.

"Why is this like this?"

It was another lady who actually attend to me at that moment because the other guy was busy. And so she said ;

"Let me take a look"

She took out the battery and then examine the thing. She looked puzzled and my bet was she also did not know what she was doing and so she handed the thing to the fella who repaired the thing.

"I have to put some sponge in it because the previous cushion is no longer functioning very well"

Okay. By the time I wanted to put the thing back together, I found out that my battery was no longer there. The puzzled girl became more puzzled. She searched high and low for the battery but it was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile the boss keep on asking her;

"Where you put it?"

I can see the stress in her eyes and after a while I asked;

"How should we go about this?"

The girl quickly took out a battery from her own phone and gave it to me and said;

"Take mine. I'm sorry that I've lost yours"

I was like? but I have no choice. I asked the fella if they did found the thing, call me up. The battery belongs to her and not the shop. I do not think that she should be entirely responsible for the incident. Anyone of them could have easily misplaced the thing. The battery that she gave me was quite new and it was a new phone too. I feel bad but I have no choice.


The owner very bad hoh?

From now on, I will take good care of my handphone.


wah.. you used your hp to do what??
hit smth?? lol..
take care of it! =D


walao, wat did u do to make ur hp look tat way??

btw, i tink she has to be responsible lor, he shd have been more careful and not let things lie around, and it's up to the shop's discretion whether or not to cover for her ler, poor thing...

errr... what actually happen?

go n get urself a new hp lah... like melbie... HTC Touch HD oh! he he he

kenwooi: My hp do a lot of work for me including bashing people and killing monitor lizards. :p

autumn : 3 of them in the shop, 3 of them got their hands on my phone so it could any of them.

Man-D : Ko belanja ka Man-D? Sa ok ja

haha Man-D... nama sia juga ko sebut ah ..

Cibol, I think I bought my SE W960i about the same time as this phone of yours, but mine still scratchless. What on earth did you do to your phone? LOL!

p.s: U want to buy my W380i ka cibol? About 6 months old, looks brand new, no scratch hehe.. Bought it for RM500, sell to you RM300 laa.. haha!

ouch, now i really feel for the girl.

melbie : Ha ha ha .. I bunuh biawak! Best ka tu phone?

autumn : Ya hor .. kesian dia

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lol. were you actually using that phone in that state before changing to the new housing???


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