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Posted by cibol on 7:55 AM
Yesterday was my last day at work. Didn't do anything much though because most of my back logs have been cleared like a few days before and so I'm just left with some filings and some minor stuffs like sorting out cheques and queries.

And today, I'll be going to pack up all of my things, mostly are clothes and bed sheets. The rest of my things my sis will bring them back home by Christmas. It will be a very busy day as my sis will also be moving out to Equine Park, further down where the rental is much more cheaper and since my sis just bought a car so I guess transport would not be a problem. Glad that it is settled.

By the way, I got a gift from David of Chocolate Gallery yesterday. I thought it was thoughtful of him. He brought me some chocolates.

choco 2

They come in three flavors; Tiramisu, Coffee and Coconut


There's a lot of people you want to remember and some you just want to forget. Life in this bank was not always shiny. There are some shitty days as well but of course good things matters the most - Give and take, forgive and forget.


thus begins another chapter of your life... jia you jia you!! >.^ oh, i love chocolates, share share!! *big grin*

autumn : he also brought some dark chocolate with durian flavor inside. I was like OMG! and it's pure durian you know. Keep away if you don't like durians but for those who likes it, seriously recommended. Not just highly recommended

Who's that? So nice! How come my friends not so nice one leh? LOL!!! Hint! Hint!

suituapui : Those are from Chocolate Gallery. They have been our customer for so many years and David is the one that always come to the bank and do transactions. :p

*hint*hint* at eiling kah? she also got chocolate woh ..

We'll always remember you. Let's keep in touch through blogging ya.

daniel : Kuching is just a stone throw away lah. and if you're bored of KL already, please ask for a transfer back home so that we can promote Sarawak instead of promoting other places next time. Ha ha ha. :p We still need a lot of coverage here

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