Cloudy With The Chance of Chicken Rice Balls

One of the most talk about must have food when you are visiting Melaka is chicken rice balls. Why is it so famous? I do not know. It's just amongst those few things you must try in Melaka. There were three most prominent chicken rice balls eating place in Melaka which is Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Balls, Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls and Chung Wah restaurant. During our stay in Melaka, we tried all three places just to see which one suits our taste better. So, before you read further on - you are reminded that this is solely our opinions and we are not associated to any of these three places or any other places that is included in this blog.

Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice

a famosa 4

The shop claimed to have used traditional Hainanese chicken rice recipe, whereby their rich-balls are served with the tender and juicy chicken meat from Bukit Mertajam, which is well-known for its free-range chicken.

a famosa 1

The place does not only serves chicken rice but they also serve roasted pork, duck and also curry dishes. We ordered chicken, roasted pork and choi sam and we ordered additional 5 pieces of rice balls.

a famosa 5

We also ordered a bowl of cendol.

It was at around 6:30 pm when we got there, and there were still quite a number of people around. The service was quite slow due to heavy orders but given that nobody bothered to take our orders kind of deteriorate the feeling a bit.

a famosa 3

Interior decor of the place - not bad

a famosa 7

Overall we think that there's nothing to shout about regarding the rice balls and maybe because of the slow service it did give an impact to how we judge the taste of the food there but I give a two thumbs up for the cendol. It was nice. We like it.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls

ho kee 1

We went into this shop as early as 9:00 AM. We went in for breakfast before we started our journey to The Red Square and St Paul's Ruin. This place is located just a few shophouses away from Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Balls.

melaka 399

I like the very "chantique" look of this building. (Chantique - Beautiful + antique).

melaka 397

I must say that this particular shop got one of the best or if not the best Hainanese chicken I've ever tasted. It was so tender and nothing like those in KL and of course Ipoh Chicken rice is a totally different thing but this? It's out of this world.

ho kee 3

Again, the chicken rice balls they have nothing to shout about but it was better than the one we tried previously. Overall, we like the ambiance, the restaurant itself is very spacious and comfy and it's cool eventhough it's not air-conditioned.

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

From the look of this place, you would not know that they're selling chicken rice balls because the place looks a little dull and it looks rather like a normal "kampung" type kopitiam. It does look like it serves nice coffee judging by the look of it.

melaka 582

and so I ordered white coffee "ping", which was not bad. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of it here. The place somehow gave you this very relaxing feeling - a summary of what it is like to live in Melaka. It's a different kind of feeling from entering "Old Town Kopitiam" if you get what I mean.

melaka 583

Lo and behold! The chicken rice balls. Mama Mia! This is the best we've tasted so far. According to Mani, this shop claimed to be one of the pioneers of this chicken rice balls business. Located nearby the red square, exactly after the bridge, the first shop after the parking space, even as early as 9:00 AM, they already have big orders. Well, not that 9:00 AM is late, it's just that the shops here in Melaka opens at 9:00 AM, so I can't really complaint!

melaka 584

The chicken was so-so, I prefer the ones at Hoe Kee compared to this one.

And so, overall the best chicken rice balls award falls to Chung Wah but if given a chance - I'd have cendol from Famosa, Hainanese chicken from Hoe Kee and rice balls from Chung Wah. That would pretty much make my day!

P/S : In about a few hours I'll be flying back to Bintulu. Thanks so much guys for the company all these years. I'll pay you guys a visit some time. Until then, take care!


Used to have those in Kuching, old man on a bicycle selling by the road outside the Green Road shops. Never had that since... Seems to be the main attraction in Malacca.

suituapui : I think I've tasted nicer rice somewhere just that it is not in a ball shape. :p But I think for me the most important part, the rice must be nice. The thing that goes with it are just added flavors. Maybe if you can make good chicken rice, you can mold it into a ball and it would turn out nice too. I think

Hi Cibol!
yeah chicken rice ball is a must try when going Malacca. I love hanging at Jonker Street & buy souvenirs + the Orang Utan hse every time I visit Malacca.

BTW, Thx for dropping-by my blog! Happy weekend:-)

Haha! Very creative use of the title for this post! I actually don't like those rice balls and I don't know why it's so famous! I prefer normal chicken rice - so much nicer!

never tried chicken rice ball... hehe

nxt time will know where to get it from now that u've posted this.. :)

haha lain kali ngkah harga sekali. nasik bulat-bulat, ayam stim. nyum nyum

haha, sekali glance the title, tot u were going to do a review on the movie >.< me same as drumstick, never tried chicken rice ball also, went to melaka on a day trip once, my frens and i got discouraged by the long queue so we didn't bother to have any of it.. not that i mind though, just fried rice would make me happy liao ;) and kampua, and kompia, and kolo mee, and laksa...

Dora : Hey there! Thanks for dropping by too. I did drop by orang utan but they don't allow us to take pics.

foongpc : i just thought of it really .. ha ha ha. it's like an impromptu kinda of thing.

drumsticks : You should lah!

wahlaitoi : Nasik ayam kat kedei sigek kat miri sitok nyaman eh .. kelak la aku blog pasal ya

autumn : I actually haven't watched the movie at all .. ha ha ha

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