Dessert Time @ Dessert's Bar Mont Kiara

Last Saturday, after a full set of breakfast, Daniel, Mary and we decided to indulge ourselves in some fresh mouthwatering desserts. Mary suggested that we all go for Dessert's Bar in Mont Kiara, a place quite new for me as I always do not have a thick wallet to go and dine or even go to that area. It's like the Beverly Hills of Kuala Lumpur.

dessert bar 7

Located in the heart of one of the most expensive sites in KL, Dessert's Bar offers a wide range of desserts from smoothies, sorbet, cheesecakes and some small stuffs just to fill that vacant spots in your tummy after a heavy loaded lunch or breakfast.

dessert bar 4

Yummy cheesecakes!

dessert bar 6

The area is quite a comfy place, not so much people during the day but according to Mary, the place will be a little bit crowded at night. But even so, you will still enjoy that nice ambiance.

dessert bar 2

Grapes cheesecake!

dessert bar 3

I like this shot. I saw Daniel took this pic and so I try my best shot

dessert bar 8

*hearts* it

dessert bar

I had a glass of passion grape smoothie and a cup of Crème brûlée while Daniel and Mary had blueberry vanilla smoothie and honey lemon respectively. One thing I do not really like about the Crème brûlée was the caramel was not crispy enough. I've had better ones in Finnegan's before but the atmosphere of the place compensate all that.

I enjoyed my time at the place. I like the atmosphere, very relaxing. This is the place where we say goodbye. Thanks guys!


wow~ it looks really classy~

looks high class..
and nice =D


theeggyolks : Thanks for dropping by. But the pricing is okay, moderate I'd say.

kenwooi : Yes, it is nice.

ugh, sinfoooool! *drools*

I want those cheesecakes !!!

autumn : Yum yum ... do not refrain!

ahlost : come and get some .. he he he

i have always wanted to walk into da outlet near kota damansara...next time i WILL!!!

annant : Aiyo .. since you were passing by why don't just go in la. :p

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