The Warmth

Posted by cibol on 7:10 AM
It's been quite settled since the day I arrived in Miri. I'm gelling in well with my colleagues. I think it's easier when you have a bunch of folks with a common understanding of how life is at one place, the process of adapting is way much faster than I thought.

A few terms that I will hear every single day will be daily disbursement, sales achieved and short fall. That will be playing on my ears as long as I'm working here. It's not that bad, I guess that's the drive in a new place.

You asked me whether I regret making this decision? No, I did not. Sometimes, after a while changes in nature of work is important. Life will be a dull less after that. I think I would adhere to this pressing new frontier, experiencing the warmth before I grow old. That's the spirit.





whoa, look at that hensem face and contented look *wink* *wink* *wink*

i guess once u've made ur mind about something, thr's really nth to regret actually, just things to learn :)

eee hensem..now cuba tunjuk tummy :p

well.. it is good to have the feeling of being home again.. less stress... near to family.. freinds ole' colleagues.. or might closer to you know.. whatever it is... and hear stories.. see achievement, development.. this and that... well life is always like that... experience n learning will never stop but its a give we gain everyday... no matter where you are.. how old are you... who you are... so make your live great... live life to the fullest bro!

autumn : tengkiu tengkiu ..

well, it's about moving on and climbing up to a greater heights in your life. Life is so short to be classified as MUNDANE.

lilchoc : :p I'll skip that part. Ha ha ha.

lowmans13 : Yeah, I belong here at home. I think so. :p

so u are now based in miri?
all da best ya!

annant : By December I'll be in Bintulu. I'm in Miri for a this month only. Getting me fermilliarize with things in HP department before I embark on my own.

December??!!! not January kah :(

in a week's time, we'll only be 3 hours apart hehehe

lilchoc : Somewhere there. Depends on whether the office in Bintulu is ready or not.

wahlaitoi : pekene kampua la ko ari ari

wishing you all the best! oh u're taking MAS to Miri. haha...

eiling : Thanks! Yeah, Not a big fan of Air Asia anymore. :p

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