Makan Time Melaka : Restoran Sin Yin Hoe, Lorong Hang Jebat.

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Melaka is pretty much dead during the weekdays. Not in a bad way of course. The shops around the area where we were staying will start to close at about 5:30 PM so, you wanna have some decent meals at night, you got to be pretty sure of places you want to go.

sin yin hoe4

There is this shop at the end of Lorong Hang Jebat, which is just a walking distance from River View Guest House which sells very good oh-chien (oyster ommelette). This place was recommended by Mani actually and she told us to try the pork yam ring. It was only after we had a dose of nice sotong kangkung and sea food rebus nearby Madam Kings that we decided to stop by.

We ordered oh-chien, a plate of vege cooked with garlic and oyster sauce and last but not least, the pork yam ring.The Oh-Chien, fried with plump, juicy tiny oysters was delicious Most of the food here are cooked with lard and you can sense the presence of lard so heavily in all of the dishes. This generous amount of Oh-Chien is only RM 5

sin yin  hoe 1

The "vege" Also cooked with lard, garlic and juicy oyster sauce. This is really good stuff.

sin yin hoe 2

Now, when I ordered Yam Ring, I actually did not know what I was ordering until it came and then I thought :

"Wait a minute, I had these before. Just that I can't really remember the name"

sin yin hoe 3

The serving was very filling. The dinner costs us at about RM 20 ++ if I'm not mistaken I can't really recall but it was nice. Considering the food was for two, I think the price was quite reasonable and please do not compare with prices of food in Sarawak, of course back home is cheaper - especially Sibu and Bintulu.

Restoran Sin Yin Hoe
No 135 Lorong Hang Jebat
75200 Melaka


i think it's cheap...or i should say reasonable...looks so yummy...but me not really into oh chien...but the "oh" in Melaka normally huge..as compare in Penang..

hungry liao. i miss melaka's o chien :p

Mandy : That's what most of the visitors said about penang oh chien. This one is very nice. It's not oily at all. In some places they will served you with a very oily oh chien.

Baby : Drooling over the pictures. :p Maybe someday we should re-visit Melaka.

Ooooo...I miss Oh Chian. Must go for it when I go to SP next week! But this one looks like there's a whole lotta egg!!!

wah this place looks like some red light district. haha

eateries in bint-ulu where got cheap!
chap fan (mixed rice) priced at 5buck :(
im a poor student...
speaking of food, there a new jap restaurant sushi tie (i been to da one in sibu) will be opening soon! yay!

suituapui : Everywhere I go also wholotta eggs also lah but I find this one very nicely prepared. Less oily

eiling lim : The whole building is decorated with red lights at night, in fact the whole row of shophouses by that side. :p

annant : Got, you just need to know where to eat. That's all, and what to eat also la. I think in some ways you should be thankful that you're sent to Bintulu. Try unis in KL. Then you'd be saying that 5bucks is cheap. :p

I'm not a big fan of Japanese food. Good la if they're opening one. It seems like you hate Bintulu that much :p Well, you should've moved out before it was too late to move out.

lard is yummy! especially the, uh, how is it called, "fried pig oil"? sinful... =P im not rly sure if sibu food is actually cheaper now or not coz everytime im back, i only want my mom's cooking >.<

autumn : Oh, so you're a sibu lad? :p Didn't know that. Eventhough Sibu food might not be as cheap as before, it is still cheaper if you compare to other places. Worth the money. No wonder Sibu people very rich. ha ha ha .. Save a lot of money

ahem, sibu lass, if i may, haha. eh, i used to post in ur old blog as autumnmusic, u rmbr me onot?

money ah... alas, i do not belong in tat category, am one of the, uh, less fortunate ones >.<

autumn : Oh, pardon me. My mistake :p I remember autumnmusic, the name but the blog - I kinda forgot which one already. I mean previously you were not on a dot com ma. :p

Oh, then we are the same lah. Less fortunate

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